Posted by: Jeremy | December 14, 2009

Doc heading to Philly, according to reports

Halladay is reportedly heading to Philly

As long and hard as us Jays fans have prepared for this, I don’t think any of us knew exactly how we’d react when it actually happened. It’s pretty much official: Roy Halladay is gone. According to several sources, the Jays, Phillies and Mariners have a agreed to a three-team trade that will send Doc to Philadelphia and Cliff Lee to Seattle with Canadian pitching prospect Phillippe Aumont and catching prospect Travis d’Arnaud coming to Toronto. The deal isn’t yet finalized, but it’s looking pretty legit. Definitely more to come on this soon.



  1. I’m hearing Drabek too

  2. Obviously there’s mixed feelings all around. Halladay will probably always be my favourite Jay, and I think there is an argument he is the best Jay ever, despite all the playoff-less years he spent here. I remember watching his second start in iits entirety in which he went 8 2/3 of no-hit ball before giving up a Bobby Higginson homer.

    What sucks though, as Jays fans, as that we might not have anything to get excited for until “Roy Halladay night” at the Rogers Centre several years from now.

  3. @wierzbicki: Yeah, I’ve heard Drabek or Happ as well. That’s weird that it would go from a Mariners’ prospect to a Phillies’ prospect. Oh well, I guess we won’t know till it’s finalized.

  4. Apparently Michael Tayler from the Phillies too, which we would then flip to the A’s for another prospect.

    Joe Blanton and Dominic Brown also took physicals yesterday but I wouldn’t bet either of them are involved. Brown is their top prospect and Blanton wouldn’t make any sense.

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