Posted by: Jeremy | December 8, 2009

Iverson returns to Philly, Sixers still horrible

What a happy kid...

What’s this? Allen Iverson joining a team and not making it better? Yep, the man formerly known as The Answer returned to Philly last night and as expected, there’s still plenty of questions in the air. Iverson scored 11 points and the Sixers lost their 10th straight game, 93-83 to the Nuggets, coincidentally the team that dumped A.I. early last year and got considerably better.

I didn’t actually see this game, so I guess my opinion that Iverson still sucks and makes them worse is a bit premature. Still, his stat line didn’t exactly jump out in his “debut” — his 11 came on 4-of-11 shooting in 37 minutes, though he chipped in five boards and six assists. Andre Iguodala, who took on much of the scoring load when Iverson left in 2006, scored 31 points.

Of course, A.I. back in Philly promises to get waaaaaay more interesting in a couple months when Louis Williams comes back from a broken jaw. Stay tuned — I’m betting Iverson finds a way to screw this up and ostracize even more people on his way out of the league.


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