Posted by: Jeremy | December 3, 2009

It’s only getting worse…

Bosh, "attacking the basket"

It’s fitting that the Raptors’ intro song this season is “Hate Me Now”, because I really, really hate this team right about now. The embarrassment continued last night in Atlanta, where the Raptors fell to the Hawks in mind-boggling fashion, 146-115. Yep, you read that right.

Chris Bosh was held scoreless, Andrea Bargnani didn’t grab a board (sadly though, that doesn’t even come as a surprise) and the Raps allowed Atlanta to shoot 59.1% and out-rebound them 51-29. And yeah, those are the same Hawks that Detroit out-boarded 53-27 on Sunday. Some simple mathematics tell me if the Raptors were to face the Pistons, they’d be outdone on the glass about 122-6.

Afterward, Jarrett Jack and Antoine Wright (he of the DNP-CD) felt it necessary to call out Jay Triano, and hey, I can’t really argue with that notion. Don’t get me wrong, I think Triano’s a great coach — well, I mean I think he’d make a great coach…of Brock University. Come on now, this is the NBA. Here’s what Jack had to say, by the way:

Every time something happens it’s always, `It’s okay, it’s all right.’ It’s not all right. Problems go by without attacking them or challenging them or bringing them to the forefront and getting them solved. We can’t keep keep putting them to the back of the bus and just saying, `That’s okay.’ It’s not all right. Everybody can’t walk on eggshells around here and say, `We’re playing good basketball.’ We’re not.

So there you go Jay, it’s not okay. No need to worry though, a couple broken clipboards and we’ll be back on the path to respectability.

Anyway, this loss leaves me soul-searching and wondering if it’s time to look elsewhere for things to keep me intrigued this NBA season. Should I devote myself entirely to following Allen Iverson in his quest to not make an ass out of himself in Philly? Maybe go on a cross-country tour with the New Jersey Nets with hopes of seeing their first win? Heck, it’ll likely come before the Raps win another game.



  1. hey man i hope 122-6 is not gunna be the score

  2. 222-6 is more likely…

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