Posted by: Jeremy | December 1, 2009

Raptors lose, Turkoglu still a trainwreck


Tonight’s Raptors loss is an easy one to stomach, you know, since they were playing such a great team. Oh wait, they were facing the Wizards? The Washington Wizards? Oh, okay…I guess this means the Raptors officially blow. In case you missed it, crunch time superstar Hedo Turkododo disappeared for the 19th straight fourth quarter and Toronto fell 106-102 at the ACC.

Honestly, I don’t even know what else to say at this point. Turkoglu, for one, has been a travesty, and not just in crunch time. And what happened to Chris Bosh not settling for jumpers this season? That was about all he did tonight, finishing 7-of-22. Jose Calderon and Andrea Bargnani were the only effective Raptors on the offensive end tonight, each finishing with 20. Still, it would’ve been nicer to see Calderon attack the basket more considering he was doing it with ease.

If nothing else came from this one, I’m at least happy Jay Triano has apparently realized that Antoine Wright sucks — the “defensive stopper” only saw seven minutes of action, which limited his production to one missed shot, one turnover and one Gilbert Arenas blow-by. Hey Antoine, you’re horrible whether you’re wearing a headband or not.

Anyway, this one drops Toronto to 7-12 with a road date in Atlanta tomorrow, followed by a back-to-back in Washington and Chicago on Friday and Saturday. So yeah, it’s gonna get uglier.



  1. maybe the East figured out turk??! I can’t really say… I was watching other, more interesting things!!!!
    oh well…. TMZ put out a story of Dwight Howard’s baby mama wanting to do a reality show of NBA chicks, but he already blocked it in court. she can’t use his likeness, name, or anything to do with him or of the sort. shaq’s old lady is a producer on it, or something along that lines.

    picture it…… THE TORONTO SPORTS WIVES!!!!
    all the wild times the missus of the Toronto athletes have on a daily basis. episode one… sitting at any teams game, and hearing all the fans screaming YOU SUCK!!!!! towards their husbands/boyfriends.

  2. That show sounds interesting — it would be even better if they could get Tiger Woods’ wife involved in some way…

  3. And as for Turkoglu, I don’t think there’s much to figure out: When he’s defending you, just go around him. On the other end, just let him shoot — it’ll likely miss.

  4. It also didn’t help that Calderon was doing his best T.J. Ford impression.

  5. I’d like to see Calderon more aggressive offensively — he has both a shot and can attack the basket at will, so why not utilize both every night? Too often he’s settling for one, or in some cases, neither. He had it cooking last night…it would’ve been nice to see him go for more.

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