Posted by: Jeremy | December 1, 2009

Gameday: Raptors-Wizards

Arenas, looking to make a rare pass

Hey boys, how about you start winning some games riiiiiight about…NOW! At 7-11 and coming off three straight losses, the Raptors are home tonight to face a team with similar expectations that’s fared even worse thus far, the Washington Wizards. As always, check in at Raptors Republic for the big boy preview, featuring my infamous game simulation.

I actually had the Gilbert Arenas-led Wizards pegged for a rough season, so I’m not too surprised to see them at 5-10 a month in, though that has a little to do with Antawn Jamison missing the first nine games due to injury. Since Jamison’s return, they’re 3-3 with a convincing home win over the Cavs and a roadie in Miami, though they dropped a home decision to the suddenly-surging Bobcats on Saturday. Washington is a threat but is definitely beatable, especially if Arenas decides to jack 20 shots to the tune of 35%. Another factor is Caron Butler, who’s having a down year (16.4 points, 41.2% from the field) with Arenas back in the mix. He’s due to break out — I’m just hoping it doesn’t happen tonight.

I’m not sure what to say about the Raptors. Play hard, maybe? Perhaps throw some D at these guys? Actually, if the team as a whole would step up and play defense, maybe Antoine Wright would never have to play again. Isn’t that motivation enough?

Despite some hideous play of late, I’ve got the Raps coming out with a win in this one. The game tips at seven from the ACC.


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