Posted by: Jeremy | November 27, 2009

Josh McDaniels owns everyone

Denver’s Josh McDaniels is quickly turning into biggest little fireball head coach the NFL has seen in some time. On Sunday he was busy “owning” the Chargers’ linebackers before a 32-3 loss and yesterday was caught wishing his team a Happy Thanksgiving while mic’d up on the NFL Network. Nice editing job, by the way…

By the way, the Broncos, behind the return of Hall of Fame quarterback Kyle Orton, got back on track with a 26-6 win over the Giants in that motherf—— game. Elsewhere, the Cowboys beat the Raiders 24-7 and the Packers downed the Lions and a poised Matthew Stafford 34-12.


  1. Haha, I noticed this immediately when it happened live

  2. With Orton back in the mix, the Broncos will be back to owning the Chargers in no time!

  3. We’ll see about that. Orton looked pretty lousy against the Chargers only a few days ago, and the Chargers still hold the advantage in the division.

  4. Wow, my bad…I didn’t even realize Orton got into that game. I just knew Simms was starting and saw the final score and didn’t even both checking the stats because it was so ugly. I still think the Broncos would’ve cruised if my boy had played the full 60!

  5. Transcript:
    “Thank God I pushed that motherf***ng Jay Cutler out of town! What a p***y!”

  6. Yeah, I’ll give McDaniels credit for that. I’d like to get an uncensored account from him on what he thinks of Cutler these days.

  7. As a faithful Broncos fan I feel the need to say Good Riddence Cutler!

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