Posted by: Jeremy | November 27, 2009

Boston Massacre

Rondo and the Celtics took it to us tonight

Hey Jose and Andrea, next time you don’t feel like showing up for a game against a good team, do you mind informing the rest of the team in advance so they can try about 200% harder? Behind a pair of no-shows in their starting five and another patented third quarter collapse, the Raptors fell to the Celtics 116-103 in Boston tonight. Excuse the negativity, but there’s just nothing good to say about this team right now.

Calderon had nine points, four assists and three turnovers and Bargnani had seven points and four boards, negating strong efforts from Chris Bosh and Hedo Turkoglu, who each had 20 in the loss. After starting hot, Turkoglu didn’t help his cause by picking up his fourth foul of the night early in the third quarter, in which Toronto was outscored 33-17 and officially put to bed. In the past three games, the Raptors have been manhandled 105-64 in the third.

This one actually looked pretty good at halftime — despite committing 14 turnovers and allowing Boston to shoot 68% in the first half, Toronto held a one-point advantage and stretched it to four in the early minutes of the third before the wheels fell off. Paul Pierce capped it off by making a poster of Bosh early in the fourth, causing Jay Triano to raise some hell to which his team, not surprisingly, didn’t respond.

In the end, a loss that was likely to happen one way or another. Still, pretty disappointing when two guys that’ll be counted on if this team hopes to be any sort of a contender don’t bother making their presence felt.

Now 7-10, the Raps are home to face the Suns on Sunday in the first of two straight at the ACC.


  1. good teams expose bad teams!!

    Coach Triano is not a NBA coach. unfortunately!!!! he is good on the assistant side, and by the sounds of your reporting…….. the players have started tuning him out!!!

    so, where will Bosh be traded to before the all-star break?? or trade dead-line????

  2. It’s still too early for trading Bosh to become THE story. Remember this team underwent some pretty major changes last summer. If by the new year (All-Star break at the latest) they’re still getting the same results then it’s time to talk trade.

    I still have faith in a playoff spot. How could anyone not? They’re still second in their division. A first round berth would be considered a nominal success, and a second round run would be a phenomenal success.

    Considering everything, the Raps are actually in a pretty good spot, and everyone around the league keeps waiting for them to break out. It’ll happen sooner or later.

  3. @bill: Yeah, there are definitely better guys out there than Triano to have running a team. Nice to see him stand up for his players tonight, at least.

    Not sure what the future holds for Bosh…should be interesting to see how this develops over the next couple months…

  4. @wierzbicki: Yeah, they’ll make the playoffs. It’s early and they’ve had a tough schedule, but they certainly haven’t shown much to indicate they’re too improved over last year. So far, I’m disappointed, especially in games like Wednesday’s against Charlotte and other road losses like the one in Memphis. If you’re gonna do any damage, those are the games you have to take every time.

    I’m hoping the turnaround will start sooner rather than later. We kept waiting on it last season and it never came. The schedule gets soft next month — that’s when to pounce.

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