Posted by: Jeremy | November 26, 2009

Time to step up, “superstar”

The story of the night

Yeah, so the Raptors were pounded last night in Charlotte. How does that happen, even on the road and in the second of a back-to-back? Well, here’s how: The team just ain’t that good. And what’s this breakout year everyone is talking about Chris Bosh having? The team is 7-9! Not sure if you recall, but last November Bosh had even better numbers than these, then got tired at the end of the month and limped the rest of the way home. If you’re a superstar, CB, then let’s see it. Win some games.

Anyway, that’s my opening rant. I’m probably overreacting, because realistically this is a slightly-better-than .500 team and that’s probably where it’ll end up at the end of the year. Still, last night’s effort in Charlotte was embarrassing. After making an apparent first quarter defensive stand, the Raps let their guard down, allowing the Bobcats — a team that had scored 100-plus three times in 14 games and never more than 104 this season — to score 116 and set franchise-record with a 35-point win. Toronto shot a season-low 34.5% from the field and was out-boarded 49-42.

There isn’t much use going around pointing fingers, since this was just an all-around ugly effort. Jose Calderon had six turnovers, Bosh was held without a field goal until right before halftime, big-time free agent signing Hedo Turkoglu had five points and no rebounds and the bench, aside from Amir Johnson, combined to shoot 4-of-27. Johnson was the only real bright spot, finishing with 13 points, eight boards and three blocks in 23 minutes.

As bad as that was, it may get worse — the Raps are off today but are in Boston to face the Celtics tomorrow. How about this is where you prove you’re a star in this league, CB4?



  1. Basketball is a team sport. Bosh isn’t perfect, but I don’t get why you’re attacking the guy who’s been far and away the best on his team.

  2. Frustration, man. I’ve seen so many guys in this league put up big numbers on bad teams. If you ask me, a star is a player that puts up big numbers and turns his team into a perennial contender. Is Bosh that guy? I know, I know…there’s so much more to take into account (teammates and coaching, to name a couple), but he’s left me wanting more.

    With that said, it’s early, the schedule’s been rough and we’re coming off a particularly horrible game (the type that every team has now and then)…it’s time to turn this thing around!

  3. Finally someone has the balls to be critical of our so-called franchise player. He has got a free ride from the Toronto media.


  4. […] in desperately in need of a bounce-back following Wednesday’s embarrassment in Charlotte. I called out Chris Bosh yesterday and stand by it — now’s the time to step up, big man. This is as tough a game as […]

  5. For a couple years now I’ve been saying Bosh doesn’t quite have real Franchise Player potential, at least in that a Franchise Player is supposed to have the ability to lead his team to a championship, rather than just be the best player on his team. I really hope he’ll prove me wrong though.

  6. In ’06-07 when he turned us from a bottom-feeder to one of the best teams in the East, I thought we were really on to something. Since then, nothing, at least in terms of the team winning games, which is ultimately the only thing that matters. Like I said, now’s the time for him to step up and show he’s capable of carrying a team. In any sport, a team is only as good as the guy leading it.

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