Posted by: Jeremy | November 25, 2009

Gameday: Raptors-Bobcats

Time to make it two straight, Rasho

Last night was fun, but here’s hoping the Raps have something left in their run-and-gun legs. Coming off a 123-112 home win over the Pacers, Toronto is in Charlotte tonight to face the 4-9 Bobcats. Full game coverage and other great Raptors stuff is available over at Raptors Republic.

Charlotte snapped a seven-game losing streak with a 104-88 win over Indiana on Sunday, its first win since picking up renowned douchebag Stephen Jackson in a deal with Golden State early last week. Jackson’s production with the Bobcats has been par for his course — decent scoring numbers (17.6), low shooting percentages (42.6 from the field and 29.4 from deep) and little in the way of wins (one in four games). He and Gerald Wallace share the scoring load on a team void of any real star players — one that Raptors should be able to handle even on a back-t0-back.

Last night’s Raptors performance was typical of the way they’ve played in most of their wins this season — great offense, no D and a sketchy second half before closing out strong. Jose Calderon had his best game, attacking early both with the drive and from deep and finishing with a season-high 21 on 8-of-11. Chris Bosh was sloppy offensively, but I’m counting on him bouncing back with a strong effort and leading the boys to a win tonight.

The Raptors and Bobcats get going from Charlotte at seven.


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