Posted by: Jeremy | November 23, 2009

Same old, same old

Grabovski & co. let another one get away

Can we just throw in the towel already? Seriously, wouldn’t the world of sports be so much better off without Toronto’s crew of embarrassing franchises? The Leafs carried the torch tonight at the ACC, managing to lose 4-3 to the Islanders in overtime despite out-shooting them 61-21.

The Leafs battled back from a 3-0 deficit, clawing away after Vesa Toskala left with an “injury” late in the second period after giving up goals on three consecutive shots. The Monster faced six shots the rest of the way, coughing up the winner to Josh Bailey in overtime after a turnover gave the Islanders an easy give-and-go right on the doorstep.

Phil Kessel, Wayne Primeau and Niklas Hagman all scored for the Leafs, with Hagman’s tying things midway through the third. Kessel had 12 of Toronto’s 61 shots, but had his best scoring change (well, I guess his second-best, since he potted the best) deflected from about a foot out a minute or so before Bailey’s winner.

Of course, the NHL’s ridiculous points system will reward the Leafs for again losing in overtime, the seventh time Toronto has picked up a dirty point in 22 games this season. At 4-11-7 and tied for last in the league, the Leafs are in Tampa Bay to face the Lightning Wednesday.



  1. Roloson is my wife’s cousin. still haven’t met him.

    so, now what?? bring up the college saviours?? dump off the pile-ons called the defence?? find a passer for kessel?? toss aside most of the free agents, and put the AHL team up there instead?? start trade rumors to scare the comfortable??

    HAVE A ONE GAME BOYCOTT OF THE LEAFS, AND HAVE THEM PLAY TO AN EMPTY BUILDING??? I know it wouldn’t happen, but the embarrassment would not go un-noticed!!!

    maybe a leafs merchandise burning in public?? Beatles crap when Lennon made that more popular than God line, or like book burnings, or the disco blow-up at Comiskey back in the late 70’s.


  2. Even as a diehard fan, I’m really disappointed this year. It’s a jinx man. Everybody sucks in Toronto but lights it up anywhere else. Take Anton Stralman for example.

    We need bonafide stars here to win. Jarome Iginla’s. Joe Thorntons. I’m going to pin all of my dreams on the Leafs landing Kovalchuk this summer.

    No more believing the John Mitchells and Matt Stajans and Rick Wallins are #1 centres in the NHL. They shouldn’t even be #1s in the A.

  3. @bill: You, of all people, suggesting to burn merchandise? Better hope you don’t opt to do that when the Jays fall apart in April, because that’s gonna be a lot of money wasted on your part!

  4. @Marcel: If there was ever a year they’d turn the corner, it would’ve been this one. They better get something going soon or Boston is gonna be in fine shape with those draft picks.

    They really must be cursed — if there was a game they could’ve won in overtime (alright, so they did take Saturday’s) it was last night’s. Somehow the Islanders have also managed to lose seven times in overtime and shootouts this year, but they managed to change their luck against us.


    as for burning balls…….??

  6. God I hate the Leafs

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