Posted by: Jeremy | November 22, 2009

Still waiting on you, Hedo

Superman and the Magic got the best of the Raps

Thanks for showing up, Hedo “fourth quarter” Turkoglu, and thanks for bringing your buddies. The Raps entered the final 12 this afternoon tied, but watched a crew of Orlando scrubs led by J.J. Redick run wild and put it away before Superman and Vince Carter got back on the floor, winning 104-96. Turkoglu, Toronto’s supposed difference maker this season, finished 3-of-11 for 12 points against his former team.

This was a tough game, but one the Raptors could’ve won if they’d played to their strengths. Chris Bosh drew a couple first quarter fouls on Dwight Howard, then decided to loft jumpers the rest of the game. CB finished with 22 points on 10-of-22 shooting and grabbed five boards. Andrea Bargnani, in foul trouble most of the day and ineffective offensively when on the floor, led the Raptors with nine boards.

Turkoglu’s the guy that’s really getting to me, though. Early in the fourth with the game tied, Jason Williams found Marcin Gortat underneath for a layup that Turkoglu didn’t even both contesting, despite Gortat missing a pair of free throws minutes earlier. Yeah, and thanks Matt Devlin for pointing out that we brought him in because he shot 42% in the playoffs last year. That’s an impeccable number.

After a rough first half, Carter did his usual second half damage against Toronto, finishing with 24 points — 18 on 7-of-12 in the final two quarters. Redick had the second-best game of his career (the best coming at the ACC a few weeks ago), finishing with 19 and five assists.

The loss drops the Raptors to 6-8, with the Pacers coming to Toronto on Tuesday.



  1. I only saw the first half, but I noticed that I don’t feel the same disgust with Carter as I used to.
    What you gonna do brother, when J.J. Redick runs wild on you?

  2. I’m giving up on Andrea Bargnani. does he know what he’s supposed to do out there?? terk’s the man that was to be the Bosh secondary, or third. so if Bosh books it, he’s the man? Andrea’s not!!!!

    All Toronto teams are done for right now. Bosh is bolting, Doc’s done, Argo’s ar-gone, and the leafs left!!!
    now… about the Toronto/Buffalo Bills???????

  3. Great post Jig. You’re hilarious.

  4. Oh well, that’s enough of Vince & co. — time to make something of the easy schedule that’s coming up…

  5. @ Bill: as for Bargnani, I’ve given up hope that he’ll be Dirk Nowitzki. If he can give a consistent effort every night, say 17 points and seven boards, I’ll be happy.

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