Posted by: Jeremy | November 22, 2009

Doc ready to blow this joint

Now is the time to pull the trigger

Here’s something we already knew but now looks official: Roy Halladay won’t be re-signing with the Jays. According to, Paul Beeston told the New York Post that Doc is set to test the free agent waters, and why not? Let’s see — a chance to play for any team in the world? If I’m Doc, I’m not choosing this mess of a franchise.

Of course, this was inevitable. Are you up for this, Alex Anthopolous Ricciardi Jr.? With several young pieces in place already, now’s the time to deal Halladay. Adam Lind, Aaron Hill, Travis Snider and Ricky Romero are a fine core to build around, and the addition of say, Clayton Kershaw, just might accelerate the process all the more. What do you think, Dodgers? Can we get something done?



  1. I love that man

  2. I firmly believe Doc is baseball’s version of Mats. When the classiest player to ever don the jersey leaves TO, this team will be a mess, TML style.

  3. After years of idolizing this man, I am finally ready to let him go and I hope to see him go on and win the World Series, but hopefully not on the Yanks or the Sox

  4. I’m hoping Los Angeles, both to get him out of our division and because I’d love to see a package involving Kershaw or Chad Billingsley coming our way.

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