Posted by: Jeremy | November 16, 2009

Belichick blows game, life is good


Sorry about your coach, pretty boy

I’d have to say the greatest feeling as a sports fan is watching Bill Belichick fail. Sure, it doesn’t happen often, but that makes it all the more sweet when it does. The mastermind Pats coach and hoodie connoisseur made one of the cockiest, and what turned out to be one of the most boneheaded calls in football history tonight, opting to go for a 4th & two from his own 27 with just over two minutes left and a 34-28 lead over the Colts. Cue an Indy stop and a Peyton Manning-to-Reggie Wayne hookup a few plays later and make the final 35-34 Colts.

This one wasn’t as sweet as watching Belichick throw his famous hissy fit and storm off the field after losing the Super Bowl a couple years ago, but it was still enormously satisfying knowing it was completely his fault. I’m sure his defense will have plenty of confidence moving forward n0w that they know how much he trusts them.

Belichick’s idiocy stole the show but shouldn’t overshadow Manning’s efforts in turning this one around. Down 31-14 early in the fourth quarter, Manning threw a touchdown to Pierre Garcon and led a 79-yard drive to set up Joseph Addai’s four-yard rushing score to cut it to 34-28 with just over two minutes remaining. With three timeouts and the two-minute warning to work with, Indy coach Jim Caldwell opted to kick deep, setting up Belichick’s boner on fourth down. After a 14-yard completion to Wayne and a 13-yard rush by Addai brought the Colts to the New England one, Manning found Wayne on a slant to win it.

In the end, Manning’s 327 yards and four touchdowns got the best of Tom Brady’s 375 and three. Each hooked up with their favourite receivers twice for scores, with Wayne grabbing 10 balls for 126 yards and Randy Moss hauling in nine for 179.

Anyway, the game of the year lived up to its billing. Thanks, Belichick, for making it so sweet.



  1. Screw you!

    Everyone knows the Colts lost this due to a technicality. Add to that a home field advantage and hillbilly refereeing. It’s not over yet….

    The Patriots won tonight. Everyone knows it.

  2. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I enjoy watching this man fail, even though it only seems to happen like this once every two seasons or so. Most Pats fans seem to think they are still in a dynasty or something.

  3. @David: It wouldn’t have been such a technicality if Kevin Faulk could’ve caught a two-yard pass without bobbling it. If Billy hadn’t wasted his timeouts he could’ve done something about it too…

  4. Belicheck is simply framing a super exciting playoff matchup.

  5. Hey, I’d be down for a rematch for the AFC Championship. Chad Ochocinco and the bay boy Bengals might have something to say about that, though.

  6. The Vikes will take all comers in the SB

  7. I’d love to see a Minnesota-Indy Super Bowl…

  8. I think I see a post from a certain in-denial Patriots fan above….is the turtle worried about his Pats? Is it time to jump to the Colts bandwagon?

  9. just think….. if it worked for bill, then he would’ve been a genius.

    and no video help, either!!!

  10. Kooy, rumor has it he’s playing with the Colts on Madden these days…

  11. colts vikes would be sick in the dance… BTW. But why does everyone think Payton wouldn’t have came down the field and ram the ball down the pats D. WE PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!!! ol’billy gambled and came home with nothing for dinner. I got my good money on a rematch for a trip to the show!

  12. Comentario…

    [..]Articulo Indexado Correctamente[..]…

  13. pats, colts . . . browns, doesn’t really matter, the end result is you sulking for a week . . . and kooy out a mcflurry

  14. Hey Turtle, the Pats suck!

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