Posted by: Jeremy | November 14, 2009

LeBron switching it up


LeBron is downsizing next year

I’m a day late on this scoop but I figure I’ll still mention it because it’s stupid: LeBron James is switching from number 23 to six next season in order to make the most possible money off King James merchandise to pay tribute to some guy on the Bulls who used to wear that same number. In fact, LBJ is urging all active players that wear the number to do the same and is talking about starting a petition to have MJ’s number retired, just the the NHL did with Wayne Gretzky’s 99 some years back.

I think this has a lot to do with money and some to do with brown-nosing Jordan. Do you really think it has to do with not wanting to steal Jordan’s thunder? Here’s why I think it doesn’t: He’s switching to six, which is the number of a player that had arguably a greater effect on the sport of basketball than MJ — Bill Russell. Yeah, that guy that won five MVPs and 11 titles with the Celtics back in his day. If a number should be permanently retired, Russell’s deserves just as much consideration as Jordan’s. Do your homework, LeBron.


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