Posted by: Jeremy | November 12, 2009

Musings of a crazy woman

The mistress of former ESPN Baseball Tonight studio man Steve Phillips has spoken, and she’s not sorry. She’s not crazy, either (I beg to differ). Brooke Hundley appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America today to tell her side of the racy affair between herself, a former 22-year-old intern-type at the network, and Phillips, a 46-year-old broadcaster and former general manager of the New York Mets.

As mentioned, Hundley didn’t go as far as to admit any fault, although she said she “understands the pain” of Phillips wife, since they’ve both been humiliated in public. She insisted she’s not a stalker and only left a crazy letter describing the affair on Phillips’ doorstep because she wanted something to happen to get her out of the “horrific” situation.

Anyway, I’ll resist passing any more judgment on this one other than to say I think Phillips and Hundley are both out of their minds for a variety of reasons. I will say, though, the highlight of the interview is Hundley’s disdain for Jay Leno. I tell you, ever since Jay got that new primetime show, he’s been raising some serious hell.



  1. I hope it’s not wrong that a minute before the Leno clip claim on, all I could think “Really Steve Phillips, you’re gonna throw it all away to have sex with her?”

    Hopefully Hundley doesn’t read this.

  2. Yeah, a horrible decision to say the least, hence my statement that they’re both out of their minds for a variety of reasons.

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