Posted by: Jeremy | November 12, 2009

Breaking down the Raps-Bulls


It wasn't easy for Chris Bosh and the Raps, but I'll take it

I was at the ACC for last night’s Raptors-Bulls tilt, and in the second half joined a few friends in a suite that seemed like it was on the roof of the building. It was much better than it sounds, though — from my angle in the upper corner, I was able to tell as soon as every shot left a Chicago player’s hand not just that it was going to miss, but also how badly it was going miss and where it would carom. I  relayed the information to Chris Bosh and the boys, who did a good job clearing the boards and pulling away. You’re welcome, team. Anyway, here’s my breakdown:

Chris Bosh: I’ll take 9-of-21 and a win over 37 and 15 and a loss to Zachary Randolph and the Grizzlies anyday. Bosh grinded and did what was necessary to will the Raps to a win — he was 10-of-10 from the line and got the best of Chicago’s big men in the second half.

Andrea Bargnani: Save for the Memphis game, probably his worst performance of the young season. Still, in past years when Bargnani had an off-night it meant about four points and three boards. Tonight he had 16 and six and helped put it away with a steal to draw a free-path foul in the final minutes.

Hedo Turkoglu: Where’s the fourth quarter killer instinct? Turk was scoreless in the final frame and missed a few open threes, part of an all-around nondescript effort. His peripherals were nice (11 boards, four assists and two steals), but I’d like to see the Crazy-Eyez Killa I’ve heard so much about.


My guy is back on track

Jose Calderon: My man. Jose is back to doing what’s expected of him — controlling the ball, pacing the offense and knocking down open shots. He was 8-of-10 last night for 18 points and six dimes and attacked the rim with some vigor late in the game to help finish it off.

DeMar DeRozan: By far his best game. DeRo crashed the boards, made a couple open shots and started the turnaround with a dangerous jam early in the third quarter. Now you gotta keep bringing it, young fella.

Amir Johnson: What was with the black lowtops? Does he get fined for that? Whatever, if he keeps playing with the intensity he’s brought off the bench the past two games, I’ll be more than happy to pay that fine for him (as long as it’s no more than $10).

Jarrett Jack: Ugly night (five points on 2-of-8, one assist 21 minutes) for the guy brought in to split point guard minutes. He had a similar role last year in Indiana, so it would be nice to see him get it cooking sooner rather than later.

Antoine Wright: Shoot less! Or better yet, don’t ever, ever touch the ball on offense. Funny, I was in the process of telling a friend how much I hated Wright on the offensive end but loved his D right when he made that killer two-handed block. He has to keep bringing it on that end, because that’s what’s going to keep him in the league.

Marco Belinelli: A quiet night all-around young Sly. Six points (on 1-of-4), but we didn’t lose much on the defensive end with him.

Rasho Nesterovic: Only saw three minutes of action and was a non-factor. Still love the guy though.


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