Posted by: Jeremy | November 11, 2009

Jeter gets another undeserved Gold Glove


Not a Gold Glover in my books

Here’s something that doesn’t come as a shock, mostly because we’ve come to expect garbage like it: Derek Jeter was awarded a Gold Glove yesterday, despite having about as much range as Troy Glaus. Here’s the thing with Gold Gloves, though — they’re not given to the best fielders at each position, they’re given to average-to-good fielders that can hit (such is the reason Johnny McDonald will never win the award, even if he was a starter). That, and guys that make few errors, mostly because they don’t get to many balls. Jeter falls into both those categories, so maybe he’s perfect. Anyway, ESPN baseball genius Rob Neyer echos my sentiments in his SweetSpot blog (Well, maybe I should say I’m echoing his sentiments. Either way, we both think it’s stupid.)

Anyway, here’s the full list of American League Gold Glovers: Joe Mauer (C), Mark Texiera (1B), Placido Polanco (2B), Evan Longoria (3B), Jeter (SS), Torii Hunter (OF), Ichiro Suzuki (OF), Adam Jones (OF) and Mark Buerhle (P).

The National League hands out its Gold Gloves today — expect much of the same criteria.



  1. i cant understand why ppl dont like jeter… but WHAT are your thoughts on mauer?? he is becoming my new fav!!!!! and not just because of his devilsh good looks….

  2. I don’t mind Jeter, he’s just not a Gold Glover with his range. It’s the whole criteria for selecting these guys that’s stupid.

    One thing about Mauer — the boy can mash!

  3. […] something that might help avenge the travesty of Derek Jeter winning a Gold Glove: Aaron Hill and Adam Lind were named Silver Slugger Award winners yesterday. The awards, voted on […]

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