Posted by: Jeremy | November 11, 2009

Gameday: Raptors-Bulls


Bosh and the Raps look to recover against the Bulls

Sure, I’m still reeling from Monday’s debacle in San Antonio, but I’ve dragged myself out of bed and will be heading to the ACC for tonight’s game. Why not? It’s Chicago on a Wednesday, so there’ll be loads of empty platinums to move down to. Anyway, the Raptors and Bulls get going at seven — check out the full preview at the Republic.

Chicago visits in the midst of an up-and-down season — they’re 4-3 and coming off a gut-wrenching loss to the Nuggets last night, but they’ve managed a home win over the Spurs and an improbable win in Cleveland last week, so they’re not to be taken lightly. One guy in particular the Raps can’t afford to overlook is Joakim Noah — he comes in having by far his most productive season (averages of 11.4 points and 12.4 rebounds per game) and is the type that could eat Toronto alive because he actually works hard. Last year Noah swatted a last-second Chris Bosh fadeaway to secure a Bulls win at the ACC.

The Bulls also have one of the league’s top young point guards in Derrick Rose, but with Tyrus Thomas and Aaron Gray out due to injury, they don’t have much depth up front. On the second of a back-to-back, the Raps need to take advantage.

So, other keys for the Raptors? Play a little D, pleeeeeease! Hit the boards, too. Anyway, enough has been said about it — now the Raps need to go get it done.



  1. swirsky is the man!!!!!!!!!! he made the games fun to watch. to me, bosh isn’t the dominant one. he’s a sure second….reminds me of sundin with the leafs, a great second, but not a primary man.

  2. For sure, Swirsk is the man.

    I agree on Bosh too — if he were a legitimate superstar, we’d be a 50-win team and a championship contender. I’d like to pair him with another big gun and see what he can do. Hopefully that happens in Toronto…

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