Posted by: Jeremy | November 10, 2009

Shaq has been a bad man


11 points, seven boards and one divorce

Shaq and his wife are officially calling it quits…again. This, on the heals of reports that The Big Aristotle was Shaqing up with the fiancee of the Wizards’ Gilbert Arenas. I was gonna write something about that rumour yesterday before deciding it was a tad too greasy, but I suppose it’s mainstream news now. Anyway, this all should make for an interesting little side note when Cleveland and Washington meet next Wednesday.

Anyway, according to a story on some celebrity gossip blog called Young, Black & Fabulous yesterday, O’Neal and Arenas’ fiancee, Laura Govan, were secretly getting it on for some time, and they have some supposed emails between the pair as proof. Govan, by the way, has two kids with Arenas and is expecting another (or could it be Shaq Daddy’s?) and is close friends with O’Neal’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Shaunie. Juicy stuff!

Anyway, this is all amusing to me because I think Shaq blows (not to mention I don’t care for Arenas, but it kind of sucks for him). Of course, knowing how much O’Neal craves attention, he’ll probably bask in this. Who’s next, big daddy? LeBron’s mom?



  1. I’m not going to even try to think about the logistics of how Shaq and any girl can hook up. Oh wait, too late…. (shudder….)

  2. Lots of broken bones…

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