Posted by: Jeremy | November 10, 2009

Not my kind of night…

1 ben

Big Ben had his way

First my Raptors, then my Kyle Orton — it was an all-around ugly Monday night that started so, so promising. Orton and the Broncos dropped their second straight tonight after starting 6-0, 28-10 at home to Big Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers.

I only saw bits and pieces of this one, but the numbers suggest Orton had by far his worst outing of the year: He entered with just one interception thrown all season but tossed three picks tonight — one that was taken back by Tyrone Carter for a second quarter score. Pittsburgh got three second half touchdown passes from Roethlisberger, including a pair in the fourth to help put the Broncos to bed. Rashard Mendenhall had another nice game for the Steelers, rushing for 155 yards.

Losses to Baltimore and Pittsburgh are nothing to be embarrassed about, and the Broncos played better than the scores would suggest in both games. Still, if they get into the playoffs, those are the types they’ll have to win, especially home games like tonight’s. Come on neck beard, let’s get it going!



  1. Yes, Orton looked like the Bear version of himself. The Bronco defense played well for the most part.

  2. You can’t expect the guy to go off for 400 yards and four touchdowns. However, you can usually expect him to play mistake-free football. If he did that last night, it sounds like Denver would’ve gotten the win (again, I didn’t see much of it).

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