Posted by: Jeremy | November 9, 2009

No Duncan and Parker? No problem…


The Red Rocket and the Spurs got the best of the Raps

Why am I even surprised anymore? I get the feeling my high school team could’ve scored 120 points against this year’s Raptors, and we didn’t even win a game my last two seasons. A Spurs team without Tim Duncan and Tony Parker outhustled and outplayed Toronto tonight, winning 231-124 131-124.

To his credit, Manu Ginobili couldn’t miss in the second half tonight. Still, that doesn’t excuse Matt Bonner getting to the rack four times on his patented sweeping drive that should never, ever work. San Antonio manhandled the Raps on the boards as well, outrebounding them 51-42, including 16-5 on the offensive glass. Toronto committed 35 fouls as well, several of which were about 200 feet away from the basket. Ugly, ugly stuff.

Plenty to like offensively tonight, but not enough to shed any light on an otherwise horrible game. Chris Bosh had another big one, scoring 32 points and adding 10 boards, and Hedo Turkoglu had a season-high 20. Even with foul trouble, I would’ve liked to see Jay Triano get the big guns back on the floor earlier in the fourth, since Turkoglu is apparently some sort of late-game killer.

Jose Calderon offensive resurgence continued with a nice 13-point, nine assist game, but he had trouble checking George Hill off the dribble in the first half and didn’t get much in the way of help from his bigs. Hill, in place of Parker, scored 22 points on 8-of-15 and had five assists.

Anyway, lots to say about this one, so I’ll check in with more tomorrow once I’ve cooled my jets.



  1. This is the just the kind of antidote the Spurs needed after the defeat against the Blazers. Much suprisingly without the service of Tim Duncan and Tony Parker. The whole team pull things together to grind out this result.

    Happy to see George Hill doing a great job in taking over from Parker. Finally we get to another good reason why RJ is here. Special thanks to both Dice and the rookie Blair for the help they provided in defense.

    With this performance, there must a whole lot of confidence going on in the locker room. Let’s hope another repeat against the Mavs on Wednesday.

    As for Manu….(you may check out my post on Mundo)

    Well I must admit that I never thought that this kind of performance from him ever again. I guess my main reason must be based on the fact his body might not be able to take it (when you wear & tear in consideration) after these years of aggresive and hustling game that we’re all very much used to see it from him.

    Then again, you can’t change a person habit that easily. Manu does what he does best and not even another pain from his body will stop him from doing so. And that’s why we love him so much, don’t we.


  2. the west is the best!!!! imagine a play-off system that was the top 16 teams, and not 8 from east and west? 10-6 west? 11-5 west?
    I think they look to their leader, for a killer instinct. bosh may have it a bit, but they need to get Charles Oakley out of retirement (lol), or a comparable bastard/ villain to slap them when they need it!!! or stand near the basket and not let anyone up by sweeping legs out as they try to land!!
    hey, didn’t he rough up V.C….and that got his inbred ass going in the playoffs back when…….

  3. @john: I love Manu — one of my favourites in the league. The Raptors’ horrible defense aside, they would’ve won this game easily if Ginobili hadn’t played out of his mind. The Spurs are actually the only other team in the NBA I really care for other than Toronto, so I’d love to see the guy put together a strong season — no more of this inconsistency.

  4. @bill: The East is getting there…I’d say their pretty close this year. The Raptors may not be able to run with them, but the Cavs, Magic, Celtics and Hawks can more than hold their own.

    You’re right, a badass like Oakley is needed really, really badly. But how many “Oakleys” are in the league today, let alone ones we can acquire? When Evans comes back, I’m hoping he’ll be some sort of “Oakley Lite”, at least.

  5. is it me, or do the raptors get too streaky?

    I would rather be at a jays game, than a raptors game (the shoes squeaking would drive me to kill!!!!) as for the COLD of a hockey arena…..enough said.

    the raptors need Iverson…..just for him to say PRACTICE a thousand times.

  6. Haha, Iverson in a Raps uniform? That would be enough to drive me to kill!

  7. […] make it a bit easier to stomach if they lose — at least easier than the losses in Memphis and San Antonio. The Raptors and Suns get it tipping at eight from US Airways […]

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