Posted by: Jeremy | November 9, 2009

Johnson released, plans to hit the club


Take a seat, L.J.

Looks like Larry Johnson is gonna have plenty of time to mess around on Twitter and spit on women at clubs the next couple months. The running back, who was suspended two weeks ago for criticizing Chiefs coach Todd Haley via the site and for calling a Twitter responder and a reporter a fag, has been released. Now, while the NBA continues to reel from the loss of Allen Iverson, the NFL will have to deal with losing one of its biggest bums.

L.J.’s release comes with him 75 yards short of the Chiefs’ all-time rushing record, held by Priest Holmes. Last week Kansas City fans even started an online petition to have Johnson booted before he could come back and set the mark, which he would’ve had a shot at this weekend this weekend against the mighty Raiders with his suspension ending.

Johnson will have to pass through waivers before he can sign elsewhere, but I’m betting no one takes a shot on him the rest of the season. In seven games with the Chiefs this year, L.J. rushed for an impeccable 358 yards and no touchdowns.



  1. Just minutes after I posted how the Redskins would probably be stupid enough to sign Vick even though they would be a terrible fit, I’ve read that Jim Zorn has already said the Redskins will look into bringing in Johnson. Probably not the best way to save your job, Jim.

  2. I don’t know why any team would waste their time on the guy, even with Portis out for a bit. This season’s a write-off for Washington anyway, so what’s the point?

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