Posted by: Jeremy | November 9, 2009

Dungy: Vick, Bills a good fit

Giants Eagles Football

Vick may be headed to Buffalo, according to Tony Dungy

The Buffalo Bills and Michael Vick have something in common this season — neither have had much going for them. The Bills, as we know, have been their post-Flutie selves, while Vick, though on a winning team, hasn’t seen much of the field with the Eagles. Prior to tonight’s Philly-Dallas game, Tony Dungy had a little suggestion Bills fans might find a bit interesting: Vick, who he’s been mentoring since his release from prison, might find himself in Buffalo in 2010.

Vick, who signed a one-year contract prior to this season, has a team option for next year at $5.2 million. Considering the season Donovan McNabb is having and that he hasn’t seen much action, it’s unlikely he’ll be back in Philly.

“It’s technically up to Philadelphia,” Dungy said on NBC. “If they want him back, he has to stay there. If they don’t there are some teams looking for quarterbacks.

“I think a dark horse is Buffalo,” he added. “They talked originally. There was some communication there. I think it would be a good fit.”

So Trent Edwards isn’t the answer? I could’ve told you that awhile ago. Oh yeah, I did.



  1. Vick might actually be a good fit for Buffalo, but I’m thinking they might be turned off from a high profile signing since T.O was a bust this year.

    I can see Washington and Cleveland being stupid enough to sign him. Both of those teams are in need of a full rebuild but they also have no idea what they are doing so they’ll probably give Vick a lot of money thinking it will save them.

  2. The problem with the T.O. signing was they didn’t have a quarterback to get him the ball. I think Vick would be a good fit in Buffalo for one reason: He’s not Trent Edwards.

  3. That’s possible, it wasn’t a terrible signing or anything since it was only 1 year and it was a low risk move. He’s definitely declined though.

  4. I’m betting Owens is done after this season. Luckily he has his reality TV career to fall back on…

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