Posted by: Jeremy | November 8, 2009

Overbay may be on the move (UPDATE: Don’t count on it)


Overbay may be getting a change of scenery

Could change finally be on the horizon in Blue Jay land? According to several sources, Alex Anthopolous is having discussions with Arizona to send Lyle Overbay back to the desert in a deal for part-time catcher Chris Snyder — a trade that would likely result in Adam Lind moving to first base and Snyder filling the whole that’ll be left behind the plate when Rod Barajas likely leaves via free agency this winter.

First off, Overbay is a sweet kid. He’s a great defensive first baseman, but he hasn’t hit a lick since 2006, when he signed a four-year, $24 million contract. People will tell you it has to do with a broken hand suffered early in 2007, but I’m more of the opinion it’s because he’s way too selective a hitter and takes too many pitches right down the middle. If there’s a move that could give him a fresh start and free up a spot in our outfield, I’m all for it. But Snyder?

Here’s a little run-down on the Arizona backup: He broke in in 2004 and hit a combined 29 homers in 2007 and 2008 in 660 at-bats. Like Overbay, he walks and strikes out a lot. He lost playing time to Miguel Montero last year due in part to Montero’s breakout and his own poor play — he hit .200 with six homers in 61 games before undergoing back surgery in September. Here’s my biggest fear in acquiring him, though: He’s due $4.75 million in 2010 and $5.75 in 2011, while Overbay’s deal comes off the books after next season.

Anyway, a couple fun facts on the players rumoured to be on the move: Overbay got his start in Arizona, playing parts of three seasons before being dealt to Milwaukee following the 2003 season. Snyder missed a few weeks in 2008 while recovering from a fractured testicle suffered in a game. Yikes, that’s gotta sting.

(UPDATE: According to Sportsnet, the deal is off.)



  1. nooooo OB i love him!!!!!!!! we can’t have two snyders thats just rediculous!!!! i’ll miss ob and his flourescent orange facial hair….

  2. but if lind was at first and i still worked there…… nvm i don’t think i have enough boot-ay for him!!

  3. Good news you crazed Overbay fan — apparently the Jays have pulled the plug on a potential deal.

    Also, Adam Lind would be lucky to have a lady of your caliber!

  4. The jays need to make a move though! Its going to be a rough few years for jays fans

  5. Yeah, I’m used to it though. You’re right, something’s gotta give.

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