Posted by: Jeremy | November 7, 2009

What’s the deal with Sammy Sosa?


Not a Halloween costume, either

Tributes to Michael Jackson are all over the sports world, but nobody has taken it as far as Slammin’ Sammy Sosa to this point. The former steroid junkie showed up to some gala the other night and…well, see for yourself (here’s the Sammy I remember). There’s no word on what exactly is going on, though there are rumblings ranging from botched plastic surgery to a bad makeup job to vitiligo — the skin disease that got to MJ. I’m no family physician, but considering all the garbage Sosa pumped into his body all those years, I’d say anything is possible.

Anyway, something’s up. Not to sound insensitive or anything — I’m just sayin’.



  1. Dude, whats the deal with this Overbay for Snyder deal? Try and make sense of this for me please, cause I cant find anything good on our end.

  2. That deal was news to me…I just looked it up and actually like it. I’ll check in on it later today.

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