Posted by: Jeremy | November 7, 2009

Raps come back to earth, get crushed in Big D

Raptors Mavericks Basketball

Disco Dirk, doing some damage

When Patrick O’Bryant gets to close things out for the Raptors, it means one of two things — it was either a really, really good night or a hellish one. Friday night was good news, tonight…well, not so much. Big Patty’s late slide tackle of Rodrigue Beaubois wasn’t enough to spark the Raps to a win, as the Mavs rolled to a 129-101 romp.

I swear, if Disco Dirk Nowitzki got to play the Raptors 82 times a year, he’d average something like 62.1 points and shoot about 80% from the field. Something like that, at least. The German Sensation went to work again tonight, scoring 29 points and adding nine boards before calling in quits early in the fourth. Dallas shot an unheard of 62.4% and scored 74 points in the second half against Toronto’s usually rock-solid D (not).

The Raptors hung tough for much of the first half before the annihilation of the final 24 minutes. One problem, aside from not coming within 10 feet of a Dallas jump shooter all night, was bench play, which is especially big on a back-to-back on the road — Jarrett Jack, Marco Belinelli, Antoine Wright and Amir Johnson combined to shoot 6-of-24.

Chris Bosh and Andrea Bargnani carried the offensive load for Toronto, scoring 26 and 22, respectively. Jose Calderon had a decent game by his early-season standards, chipping in 13 and seven assists.

If one of the three on the current trip was going to get ugly, this would’ve been the one I picked. In all, a rough one, but one I can live with.

The Raps, who fall to 3-3 with the loss, are in San Antonio Monday before returning home to face Chicago on Wednesday.



  1. Ur write up is terrible. How can he avg 60+ pts if he played us all year when he got 29 tonight. How did they “come back down” when they were never on a roll anyways.

  2. Thanks for “ur” comment, wow.

    It’s what they call “exaggeration” and it’s not to be taken “seriously”. I don’t know if you’ve ever watched a Mavs-Raptors game, but Dirk kills the Raptors. And by “come back down”, I meant from a 17-point road win the night before. Going from that to a 28-point loss is a bit of a fall.

  3. I had the game on during the close first half, and then when I returned Dallas was just blowing them out. Perhaps next time I’ll stick with the game

    Anyways, ur write up was pretty good.

  4. Thanks for the feedback and keep watching — we always considered you our good luck charm at The Satellite and ur presence is more than vital in determining the Raptors’ fate.

  5. Man its going to be hard for this team to be more than just average. And the way Bosh is playing so far this year its just amazing, he is a real mvp canidate, but not enough rebouing form your center, below average play from your point and two guard, and i believe a sub par coach is triano and this is what you get. Could a bosh trade happen if the trend continues?????

  6. Trading Bosh is definitely possible, more because of his contract situation than the state of the team. If they get a sure idea he’s not coming back, don’t be surprised to see him moved in February. Still, I think it’s too early to get into that stuff.

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