Posted by: Jeremy | November 7, 2009

Life with Phil Kessel is pretty, pretty, pretty good

Red Wings Maple Leafs Hockey

Phil Kessel is into big things

VICTORY!! I’m telling you Leaf Nation, it’s starting to smell like 1967 (note: sarcasm, though the boys are starting to play well). Phil Kessel notched his first goal as a Leaf and Toronto rolled to a 5-1 win over Detroit tonight at the ACC — their first on home ice this season. Make that two in a row, points in seven straight and a tie for 13th in the Eastern Conference. Yes, the tide is turning.

Again, the Leafs got big games from the new Big Two — Kessel tacked on a third period assist to his first period assist and The Monster made 35 saves to win for the second straight night. Wayne Primeau, Jeff Finger, Alexei Ponikarovsky and John Mitchell also scored for Toronto, who improved to 3-7-5.

Sure, the Red Wings aren’t exactly flying to start the season, but a convincing win might just be an indication the worst of times are behind the Leafs. Well, all they have to do is win four of their next 15 for that to be the case — after all, they can only go up from the way they got things started this season. My prediction: The Leafs ride this hot streak for another 67 games and end up somewhere between seventh and 10th in the East.

Anyway, Toronto looks to make it three in a row Tuesday at home against Minnesota. I’m guessing Ron Wilson doesn’t let Vesa Toskala anywhere near this one.



  1. Man, 7th or 8th is an adventurous prediction. I don’t think they can make the playoffs. I’m mainly basing this on the fact that the Leafs have been healthy this whole time (minus Kessel’s delayed start) and teams ALWAYS get injuries. If those inuries happen to be to key players, it’s going to murder them because they really don’t have many “key” players. It’s basically a team of 3rd liners and Phil Kessel.

  2. Exactly, and that’s why I see them finishing somewhere between seventh and 10th. A lot depends on Gustavsson — if he can keep playing like a number one, he’ll win a handful of games on his own. If he and Kessel stay healthy, I think they’ll be a fringe playoff team.

  3. Gotta say Kessel’s exactly what this team needed. Kudos to BBurke. For now.

  4. papelbon i believe still needs a passer. how will all the college boys that burke signed work into the occasion. who would be #2 in net for them?
    remember tukka raskkkk, or whatever the name of the guy who was dumped so that they could keep pogge????

    is it time to give a crap?? no….didn’t think so!!

  5. Kessel might be enough to get your attention in due time. Yeah, he can’t do it alone, but I’m not picking them to win the East or anything. I think they’re a much better team than than last season and the first month of this season. The playoffs are a possibility, I’m saying…

  6. God I hate the Leafs

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