Posted by: Jeremy | November 6, 2009


From my understanding, someone told her it looked like she was carrying imaginary suitcases when she walks and that’s when all hell broke loose. Seriously though, has that girl lost her mind? She makes Raquel Welch look pretty, pretty soft.



  1. that is awesome, love the pony tail yanking…

    I’m surprised she didn’t get any charges..

  2. Dude, that girl is dangerous. Love that it’s the same one everytime, not like the rest of her team was getting into the act…

  3. Yeye cat fight!

  4. “Woof”.

  5. Best women’s sports highlights I’ve ever seen!

  6. Enough to make you a soccer fan? A womens soccer fan, maybe?

  7. this is why i dont like soccer…. so many cheap shots

  8. […] little follow-up on everyone’s favourite hair-pulling, spine-punching little jewel of a soccer player that was all over the news yesterday: She’s suspended. Locked up (or at least held off the […]

  9. I guess that goes to show how little people care about NCAA women’s soccer. look at how bad the refs are. Did the refs get the hook as well after the fact?

    She’s a one-girl wrecking crew. Although it was BYU. If any school is going to turn the other cheek and continue getting smoked, it would be BYU. Any other school, and she’d be laid out.

  10. Yeah, if ESPN wasn’t on the ball, she’d be running wild pulling pony tails as we speak.

  11. […] these testy Rhode Island high schoolers make Elizabeth Lambert look like Mother Theresa. Anyway, enjoy your fix of female soccer violence for the […]

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