Posted by: Jeremy | November 5, 2009

One hand in the air for the big city


A-Rod's man boobs are fair game in a scrum like this

Alright, the Yankees won the World Series. I’m over it. Just as long as it never, ever happens again. New York jumped on “big-gamer” Pedro Martinez early and often tonight, scoring four times in the first three innings en route to an 8-6 win, earning them their 27th title and first since 2000.

Little Andrew Pettitte didn’t have his finest line, giving up three runs on four hits and five walks in five-and-two-thirds, but it was plenty enough to grab the win behind Hideki Matsui’s three-hit, six-RBI night. For all the ragging I give Little Andy, I’ll give him this: He’s one of the best big-game pitchers of this generation (even if he is roided out). Pettitte’s win tonight gave him the clincher in all three series winners for New York this postseason.

Matsui hit a two-run homer in the second, a two-run single in the third and a drove in another pair on a double in the sixth. For the series, the vet was 8-for-13 with three homers and eight RBIs– though not enough to wrestle the MVP from Pettitte, who won two of his four playoff starts in the series. Meanwhile, Derek Jeter had three hits to finish at .407, while A-Rod had a hit, two walks, three snot rockets and scored twice.

(UPDATE: So apparently Matsui did win the MVP. I must’ve misremembered what I originally heard when watching the postgame.)

So, there you have it — the New York Yankees, your 2009 champs. They brought it this year, and as much as it makes my blood boil to admit it, the best team won. Mind you, if Charlie Manuel knew how to manage a team and Brad Lidge had an ounce of confidence (or was inactive, for that matter) it may have been a different result. Or maybe not. The Yankees were good.

And such ends another year of baseball. Is it winter meetings time yet?



  1. Jiggs, I am basically going to now paste most of what I said to Marcel on facebook. Pretty much sums it all up.

    You touched exactly on how I am feeling. I love the game of baseball about as much as I love anything but I am starting to get fed up with watching MLB. To me it is sort of like only letting people who have won the 649 play Lotto Super 7 and visa versa, how can you get excited for a millionaire winning the lottery. Fans in Toronto, Baltimore, Cincy, Pittsburgh, Kansas, etc… have no reason to sit down and follow a team anymore because we all know at the end of the year it will be the Red Sox, Yanks, Mets (maybe), and the other 4 teams who spend nearly 200 million dollars or more. You get a guy like A-Rod who opted out of a 252 million dollar contract because it was not enough so he can extend with the Yanks for 276 million and finish his career making 476 million dollars. Yet you try to make yourself believe he was actually happy for winning the World Series. Guys like Joe Carter played for the love of the game and more than once signed for less than he should have for the love of the game and the team he was with. If you are not happy with 252 million dollars how can you give a damn about winning the World Series. Thats the beauty in cheering for the Leafs, when they finally win the cup its going to be glorious and beautiful and everyone involved in Leafs Nation is going to be beside themself. How can Yanks fans even get excited in a 27th win and this one more bought than anything else in the history of sports. Most Pethetic Team To EVER Win The World Series.

  2. I hate to say I told you so, but I will.

    Know that the money I received on the bet is pretty much blood money in my eyes. Parts of me still wish I had lost it.

  3. i decided marino rivera is my arch nemesis, i feel like its a good choice

  4. This is obviously a bought championship, but Jays fans can only really be angry at Jays management for not doing exactly the same thing. Ted Rogers bought the franchise essentially as a vanity investment, never having real expections of profit. I’m not sure what the feeling is now, but if they still operate on the same philosophy then it makes no sense to not match the Yanks in payroll. Rogers is a massive corporation and they could quadruple payroll and barely make a dent in their bottom line.

    Joe Carter is a great man, but an organization can’t depend on players signing for less than the absolute maximum they can squeeze out of a team. The Yankees understand this, and that’s why they contend each and every year.

  5. Oh and check the tape, I believe I called Yanks in 6.

  6. @Sully: Congrats on your big payday. I think you can buy a house in Buffalo with that kind of coin.

    @Jays Fan: That will make it even more glorious when the JAYS actaully win it…in 3,410 years, that is. Yeah, it’s getting frustrating. No way I’m switching allegiances to Little Andy and the Yanks.

    @Wierzbicki: Interesting. The Jays may have been in that position already had they not spent Ted’s cash on Troy Glaus and BJ Ryan. As for your prediction, I don’t need to check the tape because I can always count on it…

    @cj: Rivera is one of the few Yankees I haven’t hated over the past 15 years. Don’t get me wrong, though, I don’t like him.

  7. i can’t wait to hear how amazing, spectacular, brilliant, and all the other pompous accolades these blow hards will put upon themselves. the core four will all go into the HOF at the same time, all together. blah blah blah!!!!
    i laugh at moose-ina. him, giambi, and abreu were just shown that they weren’t good enough. but, a-roid finally has a ring….I HOPE THE EX TAKES IT IN THE DIVORCE COURT!!!!!!!
    HINSKE HAS TWO RINGS. remember that.

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