Posted by: Jeremy | November 5, 2009

MJ’s son not a great player, still enjoys preferential treatment


Thinks he's cool (but isn't)

Michael Jordan (not to be mistaken with the father of my close friend, Courtney Jordan) was a pretty good basketball player in his day. His son, Marcus Jordan…well, not so much. However, while MJ was capable of destroying Craig Ehlo by simply snapping his fingers, Marcus has proven just as capable of destroying his entire school’s shoe contract by stubbornly insisting to wear his esteemed father’s Jordan Brand: Adidas pulled its deal with the University of Central Florida after Baby Jordan (again, not to be mistaken with Harold Miner) wore his dad’s kicks in an exhibition game against NCAA power St. Leo’s earlier this week. Oh yeah, he went 0-for-3 and had one point and one assist in the game. Hardly Jordan-esque, if you ask me.

This is stupidity and typical Jordan dickheadedness at its finest. Note to Marcus Jordan: Yes, being the son of the greatest basketball player of all-time is cool and all, but you’re nobody. You wouldn’t even be on a college team if you weren’t MJ’s son, because you’re not that good at basketball. And those goggles look silly. Horace Grant is unimpressed.

The real losers, of course, are Jordan’s college teammates — they lose out on free shoes and jerseys. Some are suggesting Nike will swoop in and pick up the contract, but that’s far from official. If I were a UCF player, I’d give Baby Jordan the preferential treatment he wants via a punch to the face.



  1. but I wanna wear my dad’s shoes

  2. That’s because your dad is more of a legend than MJ, my man…

  3. what did i tell you about sh*t talking my family!!!!

  4. Come on! Even you gotta agree your old man is a bit of selfish, in this instance at least!

  5. Greg Jordan is the most level-headed in the fam…

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