Posted by: Jeremy | November 5, 2009

Big Baby dreams big


Big Baby has big dreams

Big Baby Davis is gonna become an NBA All-Star and leave on a high note — Costanza-style — to play in the NFL. That’s what he’s telling us, at least. The 6-foot-9, 500 pound Boston big man made known his plans to branch out today, according to an article on Of course, he’ll have to wait a couple months or so for that broken thumb he picked up in a fight a few weeks ago to heal before he can get started on his plan to take over the sporting world.

I like Big Baby — after all, I declared my love for the Celtics in a post yesterday so I can’t really go back on it. Plus, I found this whole “incident” to be very amusing in last year’s playoffs. With his size and considering he played football in high school, he probably could make the NFL — but an NBA All-Star? I don’t see it happening. If that’s what it’s gonna take for you to hang up the sneakers and move to the gridiron, you might have to play basketball for another 142 years, big boy.

Nevertheless, I wish Davis the best in his attempt to become an NBA star and his more-reasonable goal of making it as a pro football player. Before you get too far ahead of yourself, Big Baby, remember: There’s no crying in football.


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