Posted by: Jeremy | November 4, 2009

I thought the Cowboys released T.O.? Oh wait…

1 roy

Williams, demonstrating his catching technique

Another day, another unhappy, underperforming athlete. Today it’s Roy Williams of the Dallas Cowboys, who’s frustrated that he and Tony Romo are “not even close” to getting it together. Here’s my opinion: Williams has never been “even close” to being a number one receiver and shouldn’t expect to be just because he was thrust into reality TV star Terrell Owens’ role.

Williams, who has caught just 14 balls (of 37 thrown his way) for two touchdowns this season, claims he’s “still the No.1 receiver, but things are just going No.2’s way”. That second man is Miles Austin, who has 563 yards and six touchdowns after entering the year with just 18 catches in three previous seasons in Big D. I think it’s time to be realistic, Roy. Just because you were a first round pick by the Detroit Lions and couldn’t cut it there doesn’t mean you’ll be the man in Dallas.

So, any relief Romo must have felt from not having to deal with T.O. this season must be out the window now that he has a new overrated receiver telling him what to do. Romo seems to have everything else together — after a slow start, he’s thrown 12 touchdowns and just four interceptions in seven games, with Dallas winning five. So what’s the problem, Roy? Oh right, the ego. And you’re a horrible receiver.

(Note: This isn’t to be confused with the other Roy Williams that used to play in Dallas. He was pretty good.)


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