Posted by: Jeremy | November 3, 2009

We’ve got a little more of a series


King Chase

A ninth inning save situation and Charlie Manuel didn’t call upon Brad Lidge. Surprising? Not this time around, and I could’ve advised him not to go to Lidge last night either. But enough of that — Philly took Game 5 tonight 8-6, clawing back to a 3-2 deficit and forcing the series back to the big city for at least one more.

Allan James Burnett was back in form, coughing up three runs in the first on a Chase Utley bomb and three more in the third, getting the hook after just two-plus innings. Solo homers by Utley and Raul Ibanez made it 8-2 in the seventh, but Philly’s bullpen sans Lidge had its share of trouble, allowing three in the eighth and another in the ninth before putting it to bed. Ryan Madson got Lidge’s assignment and paid tribute by giving up a leadoff double to The Rat and an RBI single to Hideki Matsui, but forced Derek Jeter to ground in a double play and fanned Mark Texeira to end it.

A satisfying win, even though I’m still pretty sure the Phillies aren’t going to end up taking it anymore. Burnett’s performance was a relief — I’d mentioned before the game if he picked up the win he’d likely be the series MVP. I probably wouldn’t have been able to sleep for a week if that had been the case.

Anyway, the series is heading back to Yankee Stadium, with Game 6 going Wednesday night. Young Andrew Pettitte (3-0, 3.24) and Pedro “Daddy Yankee” Martinez (0-1, 2.08) have the ball.



  1. Again, I’m going to have to vote for Pedro on this one.

  2. It will be interesting! Andy pitching in NY to clinch might cause A-Rod to yell…”It is getting obvious”…feel free to fill in the rest. Simply put I just don’t think Pedro has what it takes to force a game seven anymore because his pitching luck has to run out sometime! If he can magically figure it out though and LEE is in for Game 7 it becomes anybodys guess.

    As for AJ, you knew it was going to happen. Anyone that arrogant, self centred and foolish is never going to have what it takes to clinch as big a game as he pitched last night. It’s a wonder they let Kate Hudson in the ball park when he is pitching and trying to win a game.

  3. I agree with Angry Mike — Pedro is a shade of his former self. That doesn’t necessarily mean the Phillies don’t have a shot though. Should be great to watch — how awesome would a Game 7 be?

    As for A.J., how sweet was that? Like I said, it dawned on me as the game was starting that he’d grab the MVP with a win last night. That would’ve been a sign of all that is wrong in the baseball world…

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