Posted by: Jeremy | November 3, 2009

Wells ready to get diced up


V-Dub, playing through pain

Vernon Wells will be back in form in 2010. Oh, he will be back. The Jays announced today he’ll have surgery next week to repair torn cartilage in his left wrist and (thankfully) will be ready to go for the start of Spring Training.

Here’s some news I missed while NFLing in Buffalo this weekend: Apparently there was a rumor floating around of a possible Wells to the Cubs for Milton Bradley trade, though ESPNChicago’s Bruce Levine put an end to it by letting us all know the Cubs “vehemently” denied there were any talks. I love it — they “vehemently” put the rumor to bed. How dare anyone suggest they’d even consider trading for Vernon Wells? Levine, who seems to love his Chicago sports, also noted the potential deal was “ludicrous to begin with, because the Cubs will have the same payroll as they had in 2009 again in 2010”. This was in an actual news article, by the way, and not a column about how much he loves the Cubs.

Anyway, Wells is going under the knife, which I hope means he doesn’t suck as much in 2010.



  1. Wells coming back to form is as simple as Toronto getting a guy to take the heat off of Vernon. Although it unlikely, a guy like Bay who has proven to be able to handle pressure would be the perfect fit for this team. With the attention on him Wells might not feel so under pressure to be the heart and soul of the team (which is good because he has no heart) and therefore might return to form. If AA gets the money I would love to see the following.

    Melvin Mora
    Jason Bay
    John Lackey.

    You keep Lind at DH, move Snider into Right and all of a sudden you have a semi decent team assuming Scutaro stays. Marcum/McGowan return and Doc is not traded.

    Wishful thinking I know…

  2. Yeah, wishful thinking I’d say! I hate to say it, but I think we’re in for another uneventful winter, with the only potential biggy being a Halladay trade. As for Vernon, I’d be happy if he can string together a few .280/20/80 seasons to finish off this horrid contract.

  3. I know we are in for another uneventful winter. It is honestly getting to the point where I am ready to just give up on this team. If the Jays don’t care to win, I will no longer care to watch. The opening day streak is done as far as I am concerned and will not start again until the team does something to try and win. Rogers wants revenue but does not want to win. Fans want to win or they will not show up. It will be an interesting winter and one that I think shows the direction this club is taking now, next year and in 10 year….If there is still a team in Toronto 10 years from now.

  4. We shall become Pittsburgh Pirates fans, starting…NOW! Seriously, I’ve considered declaring free agency and seeing what else the baseball world has to offer. Think there will be any bidders?

  5. Go Reds, Twins, Giants or Pirates. Problem is I would love to know what it is like to cheer for a winner but I refuse to cheer for teams like the Yankees.

    I too have considered calling it quits I am just such a big Jays fan that I have a really hard time doing so. I just can not understand from a business standpoint how losing makes sense.

  6. I think not cheering for them is merely a dream — I believe too much in cheering for the home team, which is where I’ll probably always stick. It doesn’t mean I’ll be happy though.

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