Posted by: Jeremy | November 3, 2009

Trouble in fantasy paradise?


Xena: Warrior Princess

It looks like A-Rod might have a little more than baseball on his mind during tomorrow’s Game 6 — apparently there’s some rumblings that he and the stunning Kate Hudson are on the rocks after the actress learned of his love affair with Lucy Lawless, best known for playing the title role in his favourite supernatural TV show, Xena: Warrior Princess.

Friends say Rodriguez, who hangs portraits of himself as a centaur over his bed, is so smitten with Lawless that he goes into a trance every time an episode of Xena comes on while he’s working out, much like he did whenever “Like A Virgin” came on during his Madonna phase.

We’ll have to wait and see whether or not this has an impact on A-Rod’s performance in the final two games (the second, if necessary), though the roided slugger managed to block out the fact that last month was called “October” by simply switching his calendar to May and believing that was actually the case. When you live in a mythical fantasy land, anything is possible.



  1. I wonder if Lucy Lawless makes that “Alalalala!” Xena scream in bed.

  2. I’m more interested in the portraits she has over her bed…

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