Posted by: Jeremy | November 3, 2009

Iverson mistakes 2009 for 1999, thinks he’s still good


Iverson is already being a baby

Memphis Grizzlies, meet Allen Iverson. The man formerly known as The Answer made his debut with his new squad last night, coming off the bench in a 127-116 overtime loss to the powerhouse Sacramento Kings. And look at this, he’s already being complaining:

“Go look at my resume and that will show you I’m not a sixth man,” the baby said after. “I don’t think it has anything to do with me being selfish. It’s just who I am.”

A.I., you’re an idiot. Seriously. Look, no team is going to start you. Memphis, as I was saying last week, is out of their minds for bringing the guy in (and Zachary Randolph, too) with a pair of young up-and-comers like Rudy Gay and O.J. Mayo. How is a guy that wants to take 35 shots a night going to help the development of their young core? He’s not, which is perhaps one of the reasons Gay didn’t agree to a contract extension before last night’s deadline and is set to become a restricted free agent after this season.

Iverson had some nice years the first half of his career with the Sixers, but his trade from Denver to Detroit last season with the Nuggets subsequently becoming one of the league’s top teams proved how irrelevant he’s become. After getting kicked off the Pistons for refusing to comply to his sixth man role late last season, Iverson was met with minimal interest this summer, leading to him signing in Memphis. Even I’m surprised he’s bellyaching already, especially considering he’d probably be out of the league if the Grizzlies hadn’t come calling.

Anyway, I find this amusing more than anything. Here’s what I’m calling: Iverson is finished in Memphis by Christmas and never plays another game in the NBA.



  1. You’re right, except for one thing. We talkin’ ’bout backin’ up Mike Conley. If your name is Iverson, you don’t back up Conley, at least not in Memphis. He probably doesn’t want to be in Memphis to begin with. He’ll have no problem backing up a Conley on a winning team. So you’re definitely right that he won’t be there as of 2010.

  2. I don’t think he’d be happy backing up on a winning team. I know Detroit wasn’t exactly a contender last year, but he wanted nothing to do with a limited role there and I don’t see him accepting it anywhere. It doesn’t matter though, because I don’t see a winning team taking a shot on him as neither a starter nor a bench guy, which means he’s probably unlikely to get another worth-while shot. This may be all he’s got.

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