Posted by: Jeremy | November 3, 2009

Brett Myers continues to be mean


The postseason hasn't been too kind to Cole Hamels this time around

It looks like A-Rod isn’t the only guy in the World Series dealing with some personal drama. There seems to be a trouble in Phillyland as well, with reports that a pair of ineffective hurlers, Cole Hamels and Brett Myers, may be in the midst of a little personality clash. Here’s hoping Myers doesn’t do Hamels like he did his wife and punch him in the face.

Hamels, last year’s World Series MVP, caused a stir after getting shelled in Game 3 and telling reporters he “can’t wait for it to end” and “can’t wait for a fresh start”. The lefty, who followed last season’s act with a 10-11 regular season mark, is 1-2 with a 7.58 ERA in four playoff starts and is scheduled to go in Game 7, should we get that far. Anyway, after last night’s 8-6 Philly win, the ever-classy Myers passed his teammate on the way out of the locker room and said something along the lines of “I thought you quit?”. There are conflicting reports regarding whether or not the exchange was serious (yes and no), but I wouldn’t put it past a man like Myers to stir up some shit after his team just got a win to pull itself back into the series.

Anyway, it’s pretty remarkable the Phillies are back this far considering Hamels, their ace in 2008, is a shade of his former self. That, on top of the Brad Lidge collapse. Even Myers, who had a nice postseason run in 2008, missed much of the season due to injury and has been relegated to bullpen work in the World Series after not being on the roster the first two rounds. Is it possible Cliff Lee is just the greatest pitcher to have ever lived?



  1. Looks like you are a real professional. Did ya study about the issue? lol

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