Posted by: Jeremy | November 2, 2009

Fire this man


The calm before the storm

The Philadelphia Phillies are going to lose the World Series. It’s only fair that they do, too. It’s one thing for a manager to have faith in his players, but Charlie Manuel’s decision to use Brad Lidge, who had the worst season in the history of closers in 2009 (0-8, 11 blown saves and a 7.21 ERA), in a tie in the most important game of the year is one of the worst baseball decisions I’ve ever seen. Well, it’s awesome that you support the guy, Charlie, but you just cost your team a shot to win it all.

Lidge came in in a 4-4 game after Pedro Feliz tied it with eighth with a homer off Joba Chamberlain, and started rolling by retiring Hideki Matsui and Derek Jeter. Then Johnny Damon finished a nine-pitch at-bat with a single, Mark Texeira was hit, and A-Rod and The Rat stroked back-to-back hits to put it away. In the end, a 7-4 Yankee win.

First off, Lidge has no business being on the playoff roster. Philly won 93 games in the regular season — without him, they easily would’ve won 100. So why let him even near a game, let alone the most important one of the season in a ninth inning tie? Again, an absolute brain-dead decision by Manuel to put the season in his hands.

The win gives New York a 3-1 series lead with the likely finale going Monday night at Citizens Bank Park.


  1. Oh and Charlie Manuel bats a sub. 300 OBP player as his leadoff hitter and saves Cliff Lee for game 5. Thank you Charlie Manuel. Don’t you ever change.

  2. Unlike textbook-savvy Girardi, Manuel seems to be the gut-check hunch type, and why not? Lidge was lights-out last year remember 41/41, placing 8th in MVP voting. Lee will take Game 4 over choke-artist Burnett, and then it’s up to Rollins and the boys for the rest.

  3. Well said Jiggs! C.M has just plain played his cards wrong the whole series and it obviously has cost them. I would be surprised if the Yanks beat Lee tonight but going back to NY if it happens having used your best guy for the last time more or less ensures NY wins The Series. It is one of the saddest days of my life knowing A-Rod is going to win a World Series. My faith in the game of baseball is slowly starting to fade.

  4. There’s a time to have faith in your closer, but it’s not in a tie in Game 5 of the World Series down 2-1.

    Unfortunately, baseball (and sports in general) are about “what have you done for me lately?”, which renders Lidge’s performance last season meaningless. He didn’t have it this year, and there’s no way he should’ve been out there.

    Thanks for the comments all!

  5. B.J RYAN changed his looks? as i watched that, I saw the series over. It almost seems that baseball is fixed, so the mighty yank-offs were to win it at home in the inaugural season crap.
    lidge lost eight or nine games for them this regular season, and there’s a lack of confidence earned for that.
    i was yelling at my T.V when i saw damon head to third. where was brad? watching like i was, but a better view. was the catcher supposed to run down there….twice the distance as from the mound? hell no.

  6. They would’ve been a 100-win team easily with even a mediocre closer. Not that I have anything against Lidge personally, I just think they’re out of their minds for letting him go anywhere close to a the mound.

  7. […] it this year, and as much as it makes my blood boil to admit it, the best team won. Mind you, if Charlie Manuel knew how to manage a team and Brad Lidge had an ounce of confidence (or was inactive, for that matter) it may have been a different result. Or maybe not. The Yankees […]

  8. […] decision to go with Oswalt for extras seemed like a good one, if not for the mere fact he’s not Brad Lidge. Oswalt, who was 7-1 with a 1.74 ERA in 12 starts with Philly this year and pitched eight brilliant […]

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