Posted by: Jeremy | October 30, 2009

Vikings coach Brad Childress as airline stewardess


A different approach to firing up your team

Vikings head coach Brad Childress dressed up as a female flight attendant on his team’s flight to Pittsburgh last Saturday to help block out pressure, ESPN’s Rachel Nichols reported the other day. Now, thanks to Minnesota tight end Visanthe Shiancoe (who knows a thing or two about cameras himself), there’s some visual proof.

Also, another reason Childress dressed up was because he’d warned his team earlier about treating stewardesses with respect, according to the Twitter of ESPN’s Chris Mortensen. I wonder if that means he shows up to the next game dressed as a referee, so maybe his players won’t intentionally plow them into the ground in retaliation for phantom penalty calls.


  1. Yikes. On a somewhat related note, Kornheiser dressed up as Childress today for Halloween on PTI today, but I think he only had to put on a Vikings sweater to pull it off

  2. Childress definitely beefed up his image with the beard…not so much with the stewardess outfit.

  3. […] couple weeks ago Vikings head coach Brad Childress was dressing up as an airline stewardess to fire up his squad. This past weekend he was giving graphic descriptions of men rubbing their groins. If that […]

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