Posted by: Jeremy | October 30, 2009

Raps rear ugly head, fall to Grizzlies


RuPaul meets his match

A win at home against Cleveland and a loss on the road to arguably the worst team in the NBA in front of a crowd of about 1,492. Welcome to the life of a Raptor fan. Toronto, fresh off a 101-91 win in the opener against the LeBrons, went out and did what I secretly knew they would do — they lost to the Grizzlies. Memphis finished with a 35-18 run to grab a 115-108 win.

My question for Jose Calderon: What exactly did you spend your off-season doing? Calderon had a horrible preseason, an uninspiring opener and one of the worst games I’ve ever seen him start tonight. Calderon finished with 15 points and three assists tonight, hitting one shot outside of 15 feet — an inconsequential three in the final two minutes. Jose added five fouls and three turnovers, the last of which led directly to a Memphis fast break hoop in the midst of the fourth quarter swing.

Chris Bosh had a monstrous first half and finished with 37 points and 12 rebounds, but he and Andrea Bargnani had a hellish time dealing with pudgy big man Zachary Randolph, who had 30 and seven of his own. Bargnani, who went off in the opener, finished with 12 points, all of which came in the third quarter.

This one makes me want to bang my head against the wall. Making it worse is the fact Memphis lost by more than 20 at home against Detroit, another Eastern Conference team that had a big makeover in the off-season, in their opener Wednesday. But like I said, when you cheer for a team like Toronto, you learn to expect things like this. It just doesn’t make them any easier to stomach.


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