Posted by: Jeremy | October 30, 2009

A.J. evens it up



Alright, so A.J. Burnett brought it tonight. I’m guessing that means he gives up six runs in three innings next time out. The jackass righty won his first playoff game in four times out tonight, putting the clamps on Philly to lead the Yankees to a 3-1 win and a series split through two. Burnett struck out nine and gave up just one run in seven innings in the most important start of his career. Man, this 32-year-old has potential.

The Phillies scored the game’s first run in the second on a two-out RBI single by Matty Stairs — a ball that went under the glove of Alex Rodriguez, who also went 0-for-4 with three Ks for the second night in a row. Keep bringing the playoff magic, big boy.

New York struck back with solo homers from real playoff hero Mark Texeira in the fourth and Hideki Matsui in the sixth, and added some insurance when Jorge The Rat drove home Brett Gardner with a single in the seventh. Pedro Martinez was charged with all three runs in six-plus innings of work, which certainly left Don Zimmer laughing, wherever he is these days.

Oh well, I picked the Yankees to win three times this series, so they might as well have taken this one. To my liking, it was a relatively contested game and hopefully a sign of more to come over the next week. Go Phillies!

Game 3 goes Saturday at Citizens Bank Park, with Little Andy (2-0, 2.37 this postseason and 119-1 in his playoff career, or so it seems — you know, because he’s so great) matching up with last year’s World Series MVP Cole Hamels (1-1, 6.75).



  1. You are most certainly right! A.J. does have potential at 32 years of age but my guess is that potential is bundled up into costing the Yanks the series down the road. How in the world baseballs biggest choke artist pitched that good a game with A-Rod gagging in and around third base is beyond me. We all know quite well though that if this ends up in a clinching situation and A.J is on the mound you can start the parade down the streets of Philly.

    This series is really shaping up to be a good one but sooner than later C.C has to get tired on 3 days rest and that combined with A-Fraud at the plate and Walk-nett pitching I am still putting my money on the Phils!

  2. so i didnt watch the game, but jay z was THIS close to making me a yankee fan.
    was definitely surprised when i heard yankees won, i for sure thought burnett was gonna choke

  3. Jays Fan: There’s no two guys in the world I’d rather see choke than A-Rod and A.J.! It’s shaping up to be a great series though — hopefully CC starts showing some of that wear and tear that he showed in last year’s postseason.

  4. cjordan: I always knew rap concerts were a bad influence…

  5. I am sure he will. The Yanks are over using him. It is the biggest reason I am taking the Phils they are deeper in their rotation. I also think Rollins and Victorino are scarier at the top of the line up. Two guys who can be on 2nd and 3rd before there is an out to start the 1st is so beneficial!

  6. It looks like it’s gonna be a tight series. As much as I hate the Yanks, I love watching these games. I’m hoping it goes seven and Philly takes it. If that’s the case, Sabathia probably gets the ball in the finale, at least the way it’s shaping up.

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