Posted by: Jeremy | October 28, 2009

Musings from last night


Rondooo and the Celtics came out of Cleveland with a win

The NBA season opened last night with four games: Boston overcame an early deficit to beat Cleveland 95-89 despite 38 from LeBron, Portland beat Houston 96-87, the Lakers beat the Clippers 99-92 and in the upset of the night, the Wizards, who I wasn’t picking to do much this year, won in Dallas 102-91. Here are my musings from opening night:

– Rondoooooooo! My favourite stat-stuffer (yes, he’s on my fantasy squad) put up eight points, six boards and 10 dimes and Kevin Garnett had 13 and 10 in his first regular season game since March. How about Boston, though? A lot of people are sleeping on them and there’s no better way to wake them up than with a win in Cleveland (where the Cavs were 39-2 last season) on opening night.

– Baron Davis boasted that he’s ready to bounce back after a nightmarish first year with the Clippers. Way to get started then, Baron: 1-of-10 from the field for two points. Surprisingly, the Clippers were in it until the fourth, trailing by just one entering. Kobe, by the way, had 33 to lead the Lakers.

– Yeah, so how about those Wizards? I said last week Gilbert Arenas is going to have to ditch his shot-happy approach for Washington to be a winner, and he did a bit of that last night, dishing out nine assists in the upset over Dallas.

– Looks like Trevor Ariza isn’t set to come in and be the focal point in Houston. His line tonight: 3-of-8, 12 points, three boards, two assists and four turnovers. Of course, that’s just one game, but I don’t see Ariza putting up the numbers many are predicting him to.


  1. Rondo got absolutely bullied by LbJ during his first half attempted Layup, great fantasy pick though

  2. LeBron is a monster. I cringed on that play…lucky Rondo didn’t break himself.

  3. By the way, are we checking out a game soon, my man?

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