Posted by: Jeremy | October 27, 2009

Sheldon Williams has been hitting the nerve tonic


Ken Griffey Jr. feat. gigantism


Shelden Williams

I took note of this while watching the Celtics-Cavs tonight: Boston big man Shelden Williams looks uncannily similar to Ken Griffey Jr. post-gigantism in my favourite Simpsons episode of all-time, “Homer at the Bat”. Thinking I was onto something big here, I searched online for pictures, only to find the Williams-Griffey comparison isn’t exactly an original bit. I’m still proud of myself for noticing it on my own, though.

Williams — his big forehead and all — is actually the brother-in-law of former Raptor and current Cavalier Anthony Parker, having married his sister and WNBA poster girl Candace last year.



  1. I love this post. That is one of my favorite Simpsons ever.

  2. I agree, my favourite episode ever. I found it on TV a few weeks ago and Tivo’d it…now I have it forever.

  3. It’s definitely up there for me, I quoted the Wade Boggs-Barney dispute in my Facebook status a few weeks ago.

  4. Lord Palmerston!

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