Posted by: Jeremy | October 27, 2009

CB4 still none too pleased with Shaq, apparently

Rockets Raptors Basketball

Bosh reportedly still isn't too pleased with Shaq Daddy

Here’s an interesting sidenote for tomorrow night’s Raptors-Cavs game: Chris Bosh is apparently still a little hurt by Shaq calling him “the RuPaul of big men” following a game last March against Aristotle’s team at the time, Phoenix.

I’d actually forgotten about this whole feud, which started after CB4 complained Shaq got away with parking himself in the key in a game in which he scored 45 points. O’Neal responded by referring to Bosh as the aforementioned drag queen and saying that he’d “make him quit” the next time they meet. We’ll see what happens Wednesday night.

According to Steve Buffery of the Toronto Sun, Bosh downplayed any hard feelings toward Shaq after practice yesterday, though his tone apparently suggested there was still some resentment.

“Everyone can talk back and forth all day,” Bosh said, according to the Sun. “But at the end of the day, it’s what happens on the court.”

Of course, this all depends on whether or not O’Neal actually suits up for tomorrow’s game, since he has often been too balky to play in back-to-backs the past five years or so. His quest to win a championship while latching on to LeBron begins tonight, when the Cavs open against the Celtics.


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