Posted by: Jeremy | October 24, 2009

On a positive note, at least the preseason is over…

DeRozan and the Raps couldn't keep pace with the mighty T-Wolves

DeRozan and the Raps couldn't keep pace with the mighty T-Wolves

Consider this another red flag: The Raptors closed out the preseason last night in North Dakota, losing to the Minnesota Timberwolves, who were playing without star big man Al Jefferson and second-year rebound machine Kevin Love. Don’t think Jay Triano was taking it easy himself, though — Chris Bosh and Jose Calderon played 36 and 38 minutes respectively, and fourth quarter preseason faves Marcus Banks and Patrick O’Bryant didn’t even get to remove their warmups.

The Raps jumped to an early 14-point lead, only to see it disappear early in the third en route to a 98-90 loss. On a positive note, Bosh had his best offensive game of the month, scoring 27 on 8-of-12 and grabbing 14 boards, though he coughed the ball up six times and committed five fouls. Calderon had a preseason-high 17 points but was just 5-of-13 from the field.

Of note, Antoine Wright saw his first action after missing time with a knee injury and scored six points in 26 minutes, registering a Kevin Durant-like -18 in the process.

The loss means Toronto wraps the preseason at 2-6 — a mark that, in my opinion, is pretty, pretty concerning. The real stuff gets going Tuesday night, with Boston and Cleveland heading a slate of four games. Hopefully Rajon Rondo and the big boys will wear LeBron down for Wednesday’s opener at the ACC…



  1. Can we really gauge a team in the preseason. in the nfl and the nhl’s most recent preseason we saw alot of promise from teams that thus far this season has not materialized. namly teams like the leafs, who won in the pre season and tennessee in the nfl. The raps have alot to prove and have a tough month ahead, lets not sound the alarms yet. Evens still needs to get back from his ankle injury which will help our defence which has been suspect. well know over the 1st month of the season what kind of team we really have

  2. Yeah, I wasn’t too worried the first half of preseason, but they didn’t look to good with Bosh and Turkoglu back of late. What I saw of them the last few games looked an awful lot like last season, which isn’t a good thing.

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