Posted by: Jeremy | October 22, 2009

Was that ambitious pigeon the ghost of Marquis Cooper?

Was Marquis Cooper the mystery pigeon?

Was Marquis Cooper the mystery pigeon?

Here’s an interesting take on the pigeon that shored up the Oakland Raiders’ kickoff coverage team Sunday: Several Raiders, including running back Justin Fargas on KHTK-Radio in Sacramento this morning, claim it could’ve been the ghost of teammate Marquis Cooper, who was lost at sea and presumed dead in a tragic boating accident in March.

I’m not one to question people’s opinions on the afterlife, but I’d think to be reincarnated as a pigeon Cooper would’ve had to have been a bad person. That, Cooper didn’t seem to be. According to a former coach, Cooper was a hard worker and “very humble in his approach to life and to success”, as well as being a dedicated family man.

It’s an interesting notion, but I’m of the opinion the bird just wanted to play football. Kind of like how this dog wanted to drive a car. That doesn’t necessarily make him the ghost of Dale Earnhardt.



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