Posted by: Jeremy | October 20, 2009

Every day is Halloween for Ted Williams and his head

The Splendid Splinter, circa 2009

The Splendid Splinter, out on the town

Halloween isn’t for another 11 days, but it’s never too soon to have fun with the Red Sox, even at the expense of Ted Williams’ battered head. Also, something mysterious seems to be going on in the Splinter’s crotchal region — reverse shrinkage, perhaps? Not sure what kind of effect being frozen for seven years has on that stuff…

(Courtesy of Deadspin, via Unathletic Mag)



  1. i want a baseball inspired halloween costume…

  2. ps when did gregg zaun join the sportnet crew? did he retire and no one threw him a party?

  3. Hmmm…a CC Sabathia fat suit, maybe?

  4. Hei everyone, Happy day-after-Haloween! Today the real scares come when all you one night standers find out you just got a nasty case of herpes. 😀

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