Posted by: Jeremy | October 17, 2009

Yankees cool off the Angels

Robinson Cano readies himself for a ski trip, A-Rod readies himself for pneumonia

Robinson Cano readies himself for a ski trip, A-Rod readies himself for pneumonia

Merry Christmas! At least it looked a little like December at Yankee Stadium tonight, where the New York beat the Angels 4-1 in the opener of the ALCS. Temperatures dipped to 45 degrees with a 17 mile-per-hour wind, forcing a few players to wear Elmer Fudd caps and Robinson Cano to dress as though he was heading out for a ski trip.

Understandably, the Angels looked a bit out of place in the New York chill (by comparison, temperatures at the Dodgers-Phillies game this afternoon reached 93 degrees) — they committed three errors, not including an infield pop-up Chone Figgins and Erick Aybar let fall between them for a hit in the first, resulting in a Yankee run. If the weather wasn’t too much to deal with, CC Sabathia certainly was. The overweight lefty gave up just four hits and a run in eight innings before some guy named Mariano Rivera closed it out in the ninth.

The Yankees got a pair of hits apiece from Derek Jeter, Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui, chasing Los Angeles starter John Lackey with two outs in the sixth. Playoff hero Alex Rodriguez had a sac fly in the first and added a single and a walk later on.

Well, a bit of a disappointing start if you’re a Yankee hater like myself, though I’m hoping for a competitive series more than anything. A.J. Burnett (13-9, 4.04) and Joe Saunders (16-7, 4.60) are on hill in tomorrow’s Game 2.

Also of note, the Dodgers evened the NLCS this afternoon, scoring twice off Chan Ho Park in the eighth to win 2-1. Pedro “The Yankees are my daddy” Martinez and Vicente Padilla were both masterful, as Martinez went seven shutout innings and Padilla gave up one run in seven-and-a-third.

(Note: Special thanks to the lovely Ms. Meyer for keeping me up-to-date on the Yankees-Angels game while I was at the Argos game tonight. I couldn’t have written this informative piece without her. I declare her the new Heidi Watney. Or Erin Andrews. Maybe a bit of both…)



  1. at this point i dont care who wins, just as long as the yankees lose

  2. I agree, though I’d prefer if they’d lose in seven. That way I’ll have more to do next week…

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