Posted by: Jeremy | October 9, 2009

Yanks benefit from blind ump, win on walk-off

Tex wins it

Tex wins it

Unbelievable. Major League Baseball goes the extra step to provide left and right field umpires for playoff games, and then one goes and makes the most blatant blown call in the history of the game, in extra innings too. In case you missed it, Phil Cuzzi botched a Joe Mauer double to start the top of the 11th in tonight’s Minnesota-New York game, costing the Twins a run before Mark Texeira ended it in the bottom with a homer. Mauer’s slicing fly ball glanced off Melky Cabrera’s glove and landed at least three feet fair, all with Cuzzi standing about 10 feet away. Nice call, pretty boy.

Anyway, excuses excuses. The Twins still managed to load the bases with none out in the inning before a pair of washouts — Delmon Young and Carlos Gomez — wasted at-bats with first pitch infield outs. David Robertson was then able to get Brendan Harris to fly out and end the inning to set up Texeira’s blast.

Prior to Tex’s heroics, Alex Rodriguez did his part to suggest he’s finally getting the hang of this playoff thing. A-Rod singled home the Yankees’ first run in the sixth and hit a two-run homer off Joe Nathan in the ninth to send the game to extras. New York also had a chance to put it away in the 10th, but Brett Gardner was caught way off third and doubled up on Johnny Damon’s one-out liner to short.

Anyway, a mind-blowing loss for any Yankee hater such as myself. The win gives them a 2-0 series lead heading back to the Metrodome, where Little Andrew Pettitte (14-8, 4.16) and former Yankee legend Carl “Buttocks” Pavano (14-12, 5.10) hook up Sunday.



  1. tracking back Yanks benefit from blind ump, win on walk-off… tracking back Yanks benefit from blind ump, win on walk-off…

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