Posted by: Jeremy | October 7, 2009

Raps drop preseason opener

Marco Belinelli: From zero to hero (I hope, at least)

Marco Belinelli: From zero to hero (I hope, at least)

I apologize, Raptors. For all the time I spent hyping the preseason opener, I was too hooked on the Twins-Tigers to catch much of it. I did, however, see most of the first half, and here’s what I took note of:

– Reggie Evans is a beast, and would likely win if he ran for mayor of London, Ontario. Luckily for the Sixers, he didn’t get hold of anyone’s scrotum. Wonder if Chris Kaman has recovered from that yet…

– DeMar DeRozan actually reminds me more of a young T-Mac than Vince Carter, both because of his frame and his game. McGrady was much rawer and wirey as a rookie than Vince, like DeRozan now. That, of course, had to do with T-Mac coming out of high school and Carter spending four years at North Carolina. Check out baby McGrady here. (Also, have a look at this, which I found while looking for a picture of T-Mac as a rookie. I love it.)

– Question: Is Sonny Weems a long-lost Graham triplet? The dude looks exactly like former-Raptor Joey and his twin Stephen. He even plays a game similar to Joey, at least from what I’ve seen so far…

– Lastly, a Sixer note: Why is Jason Kapono wearing number 72? Matt Devlin said Marco Belinelli chose to wear 0 for Toronto because he felt he didn’t get a chance in Golden State and is starting over. Is Kapono wearing 72 because he had that many chances in Toronto and blew it? Anyway, I can’t stand it when NBA players wear tacky numbers like that.

Toronto, by the way, lost 107-98 to Philly tonight. The teams meet again tomorrow night at the ACC.



  1. Kapono is wearing 72 (24 x 3) because 24 is a retired number in Philly.

  2. Okay, interesting. Still think it looks stupid.

  3. I was at the game, check it out!

    Biggest most important events –

    1) Raps are in terrible condition as a group.

    2) Raps are still “finding themselves” as a team.

    Not that surprising considering where we are in the preseason.

  4. as for kapono wearing 72…
    #24 is retired in philly so he took 24 and multiplied it by 3 (since thats what he was brought in for)

    VOILA – #72 hah

    I like the Demar->T-Mac comparison btw

  5. Thanks for the comments! I guess I missed the commentary on Kapono during last night’s game…

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